Car Sex: How To Have Car Sex That's Really Hot

Are you looking to add some excitement to your relationship? Sometimes the best way to spice things up is by exploring new and unexpected locations for intimacy. Whether it's the thrill of getting caught or the novelty of a new setting, car sex can be a fun and exhilarating way to connect with your partner. So, why not take your love life on the road and see where it leads? For more tips on how to keep the passion alive in your relationship, check out this comparison of EliteSingles and OurTime.

Car sex can be an exciting and adventurous way to spice up your love life. Whether you're looking for a little thrill or just want to try something new, having sex in a car can be a great way to add some excitement to your relationship. However, there are some important things to consider before giving it a try. In this article, we'll explore how to have car sex that's really hot and enjoyable for both you and your partner.

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Choosing the Right Location

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When it comes to car sex, choosing the right location is key. You want to find a spot that's secluded enough to provide some privacy, but not so isolated that it becomes dangerous. Look for a quiet parking lot, a secluded road, or a scenic overlook where you can park and enjoy the view. Avoid public spaces or areas where you could be easily spotted by passersby.

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Preparing Your Car

Once you've found the perfect location, it's time to prepare your car for some intimate fun. Make sure to clean out any clutter and create a comfortable space for you and your partner to enjoy. Consider bringing along a blanket or towel to protect your car's upholstery and provide some extra comfort. You may also want to bring along some music to set the mood and help drown out any outside noise.

Setting the Mood

Setting the mood is important for any sexual encounter, and car sex is no exception. Consider bringing along some candles, soft lighting, or even some scented oils to create a sensual atmosphere. You can also bring along some snacks or drinks to enjoy before or after your intimate encounter. The key is to create a romantic and comfortable atmosphere that will help you and your partner relax and enjoy the experience.

Exploring Different Positions

One of the challenges of car sex is the limited space, so it's important to get creative with your positions. Experiment with different angles and positions to find what works best for you and your partner. Whether it's the backseat, the front seat, or even the hood of the car, there are plenty of options to explore. Just make sure to keep safety in mind and avoid any positions that could be dangerous or uncomfortable.

Being Mindful of Safety

Speaking of safety, it's important to be mindful of your surroundings and take precautions to ensure that you and your partner are safe during your car sex adventure. Keep an eye out for any potential hazards, such as broken glass or sharp objects, and make sure to lock your car doors to prevent any unwanted interruptions. It's also a good idea to keep your keys within reach in case you need to make a quick exit.

Communicating with Your Partner

As with any sexual encounter, communication is key when it comes to car sex. Make sure to talk to your partner about your desires, boundaries, and any concerns you may have. It's important to be on the same page and make sure that both you and your partner feel comfortable and safe throughout the experience. Don't be afraid to speak up if something doesn't feel right or if you want to try something new.


After your car sex adventure, take some time to cuddle and connect with your partner. It's important to show each other love and affection, and to check in with each other to make sure you're both feeling good physically and emotionally. Consider bringing along some wet wipes or a towel to clean up, and make sure to dispose of any trash responsibly.

In conclusion, car sex can be a fun and exciting way to add some spice to your love life. By choosing the right location, preparing your car, setting the mood, exploring different positions, being mindful of safety, communicating with your partner, and practicing aftercare, you can have a hot and enjoyable car sex experience that brings you and your partner closer together. Just remember to have fun and enjoy the adventure!